Of Books and Butterflies is a web site for people who are fascinated with East Prussian history during and after WW II and with butterflies and moths.

I know it is a big jump from history to insects, but those are my interests. Here you will find books I have written, butterflies I have collected and moths I have raised. You may apply for my “Excellent Nature Page Award” if you think your website is educational and about natural history.

Hiltrud “Sam” Webber passed away unexpectedly in August 2011. Of Books and Butterflies is her website and is currently maintained as a memorial to her history and passions including many of her photographs. Note her friends called her “Sam” and she is missed by so many. By exploring her website you can appreciate her love of butterflies & moths, flowers, shrubs, trees, plus her history.

For more information on Hiltrud Maria Webber you may read “My Life Story” found in the Local History section of the Springfield-Greene County Library Center, 4653 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, MO 65810, under reference number 920.778W. Her life story was part of “The Ethnic Life Stories Project”. The Springfield Botanical Gardens, 2400 S. Scenic Ave, has a “Ethnic Trail of Trees” memorial with a black gum tree and stone marker honoring Ms Webber and the other members of the “The Ethnic Life Stories Project”.

To see more of her photographs please visit Sam’s YouTube gallery which is a collection of her photos in a slide show format and her photograph gallery, Hiltrud “Sam” Webber on the Friends of the Garden website.

It should also be noted that Sam donated her extensive collection of mounted butterflies and moths to the Discovery Center of Springfield, 438 East Saint Louis St., Springfield, MO 65806, where most of them can viewed by the public.

HMW Publications

HMW Publications is a small company I created so I could publish my butterfly and moth books and also the story of my experiences as a young girl growing up in Germany during and after WW II.

I was born in Domnau, County Bartenstein, East Prussia (Ostpreussen), Germany in 1938. In January of 1945 we fled from the Russian invasion. In 1958 I came to the United States in order to improve my English. I had planned to return to Germany after two years, but I stayed, married and raised a family instead. I live in southwest Missouri and have collected, studied, observed and photographed Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) in the Ozark Region for over 30 years. Most of the photographs you will see here were taken in my butterfly garden.