Friends of the Garden

Nathanael Green Park/Close Memorial Gardens

February 21, 2010

This coming March I  am celebrating the one year anniversary of becoming a member of  FOG (Friends of the Garden).  I became a member because George Deatz, President of FOG approached me near the Master Garden and the botanical center building site in February of 2009.  He  gave me a flyer and brochure explaining the benefits of the Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Gardens membership. As citizens of Springfield, we are lucky and privileged to have dedicated people like Mr. Deatz spending hours upon hours gratis promoting the park and gardens.

Not long after becoming a FOG member, I met Dr. Bill Roston who tirelessly donates his time and money adding beauty and recreation to the gardens. Dr. Roston built a butterfly house filled with numerous  butterfly attracting plants. Last year the butterfly house had 10,000 visitors and I bet there will be more this year. Dr. Roston also is an avid photographer. His photos have appeared in several magazines including the National Geographic.

Please visit the Friends of the Garden website and blog often. There you will find out  more about these two brilliant men and all of the other gifted, wonderful and enthusiastic volunteers who make the gardens grow.

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