A Child of East Prussia - My Life Story

Hiltrud “Sam” Webber’s Autobiography

In the publication “A Child of East Prussia” I write about my life as a young girl experiencing the horrors of war, living as a refugee and leaving Germany for the United States. This story is a story of love, hope and survival. It is historically correct and includes many maps, photos and drawings. Readers have compared this book to the ” Diary of Anne Frank.” Available at the Springfield-Greene County Library Center, 4653 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, MO 65810.

ISBN# 0-9652173-0-2.

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…After reading A CHILD OF EAST PRUSSIA, I had hunger for more. I personally have not read a book as open and honest about the days of WW II, Germany, since the “DIARY OF ANNE FRANK“.

As an American citizen, it is healthy and eye opening to see the life of children caught in the midst of the Axis and Allied worlds. Few people realize the suffering and pain of the civilians held captive in their own country. I also enjoyed the lighter side of a very dark situation: From the precocious child at grandma’s farm to the irony of the young girl laughing over spilt milk. It proved to me that even in the worst of times, laughter sometimes overcame the already million tears shed.

In its entirety, it is one of the most inspiring books I’ve read in many a year. It is a story that shows all of us that there is hope, no matter what obstacles, indifference and prejudices facing us.

Luanne Brown
History and English teacher
store owner
Cabool, Missouri

What's a Butterfly

Collecting Butterflies

I started a series of publications pertaining to butterflies and moths. The first book in the series is called “What’s a Butterfly? What’s a Moth?” This publication tells about where butterflies and moths fit into the Animal Kingdom and about the differences between butterflies and moths. It has special poems and drawings by children and a contribution by Michael J. Smajda, Author of a “Deer Love Story!”.

The second book of the series, “Collecting Butterflies and Moths”, is about how, where and when to collect butterflies and moths, collecting equipment, spreading butterflies and moths, photos of butterflies and moths and illustrations and procedures on how to make nets, black light, sugar bait and pheromone traps plus suggestions on storing a collection.

ISBN# 0-9652173-2-9 and ISBN# 0-9652173-1-0.

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